Four reasons why cannabis is disrupting the alcohol industry in the USA


The first thing to note about the average cannabis consumer is that they are far older, and far wealthier, than you might think.

“These aren’t 20-something stoners living in their parent’s basement,” Lukas said. According to her firm’s research, a typical user in the US is in their 40s, own their own property and have their own stable income.

“These people work full time, they’re creative, they’re very social and active and enjoy the outdoors.”

Interestingly, these are the consumers analysts are warning will replace wine with weed. According to a 2017 poll by Marist and Yahoo News, 34% of women, 56% of baby boomers and 67% of those who earn over $50,000 (£35,000) — the US’ biggest wine-drinking demographic — said their marijuana consumption would increase if the US federal government legalised it.

Lukas added that this relatively new type of consumer will define the way cannabis is marketed in legal US states, noting that just like wine, there are emerging opportunities for cannabis at various price points, “from premium right down to budget.”

“Once you discover about who these people are you can think about what they consume and why they’re consuming it.”

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