Estrella launches worldwide ad campaign starring Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage is the star of Estrella’s new advert — a 16-minute feature film-style production — with the brand claiming 2017 was the “year of Dinklage”.

The film features Game of Thrones star Dinklage, alongside Spanish actors Álvaro Cervantes, Íngrid García-Jonsson and Marcel Borràs, directed by Raúl Arévalo and  Oriol Villar.

Titled La Vida Nuestra, the film-like ad campaign “brings to life the core ethos of enjoying life to the full, which runs through all of Estrella Damm’s communications,” according to the brand.

Speaking to the drinks business ahead of the launch party in East London on 2 May, brand manager Anna Ferrer Magrià said that Estrella is “quite well known for its film-style adverts,” and we can expect to see more in the future.

But the S.A. Damm-owned beer isn’t the only brand which is tapping into longform advertisements. Back in March, Irish Distillers-owned whiskey label Jameson launched a new advertising campaign which harnessed the consumer appeal of provenance to tout its products.

While some brands are able to get their messages across in a two-minute space, the Barcelonean brewer’s brand image, which focuses on “everything mediterranean, the life, and the culture,” connects better with consumers over an extended period.

“People are now constantly bombarded with advertising,” she said, “but if you don’t have something relatable to your audience, then it will fall flat.”

This is the third consecutive year that Estrella has opted for a longform advert. The brand has recruited a string of A-list actors in the past, including Dakota Johnson and Jean Reno.

Magrià said that the Game of Thrones star was chosen this year because 2017 was “the year of Dinklage.”

“He’s been such a big figure in Game of Thrones, and we thought he was an excellent fit for the brand.”

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