Charcoal wine ‘the future’ says Armit futurologist

Charcoal-flavoured wine, edible glassware and wine bottles delivered by drone are just some of the predictions made by a futurologist on wine, as part of research commissioned by fine wine merchant Armit Wines.

According to food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye, Brits will be drinking less but better quality and more locally produced wines in the future, from edible wine glasses.

One of the predicted trends, which are closer than some to becoming a reality, is the use of drones will offer instant wine deliveries, while Gaye also thinks labels on bottles will be replaced by virtual information via a smart phone.

Iris recognition could also be integrated with ID vending machines, says Gaye, allowing consumers to make purchases with their eyes, which will also record their previous purchases automatically.

The rise of the African cucumber, black sesame and charcoal-flavoured wines were also tipped by Gaye as future trends, along with the rise of homebrew craft wines.

“Future wine drinkers will be a much more educated consumer who want quality and unique points of difference in both product flavours and packaging,” said Gaye. “They will be interested in transparent provenance and detail on its craftsmanship, trading up for unusual flavour profiles and considered, eco-friendly bottles, that are a talking point when sharing. All of these factors will contribute to a sophisticated future in wine drinking.”

Gaye’s research was commissioned by Armit Wines to mark its 30th year in business, and peer into the future to identify the trends that will not only shape the wine industry, but help inform the trade of how best to react.

“We have clearly seen the trend for drinking less, but better, across the breadth of our customer base, but it’s been insightful working with Dr Gaye to gaze into the crystal ball of vinification,” said Kirsten Kilby, managing director of Armit Wines. “With competitive delivery in all sectors of the industry, drones would certainly help us put customer service first! From growing wine in your back garden to edible glassware, we are excited for what the future holds for the wine industry and beyond.”

Click thorough for Gaye’s thoughts on some of the innovations that could become the norm for future generations of wine lovers:-

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  1. Wonderful! I agree that we will be drinking more domestic wines: climate change will mean that transport costs will be prohibitive and that there will be more countries capable of producing wine as our classic regions will have to deal with crop diversification. I also see that irrigation will be rendered illegal, not only in Europe as per tradition, but also globally, as freshwater supplies disappear. Dry farming legislation will be the norm everywhere, not just Europe, which will create a level playing field and will mean fewer wines, but better wines and healthier soils.

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