Brixton Brewery teams up with disco festival

Brixton Brewery has teamed up with the inaugural Brixton Disco Festival which will see its six flagship craft beers served in five locations centred around Windrush Square in south London.

The festival, due to take place on 28 April from 2pm to 4am, will feature live music from the likes of Jocelyn Brown, Crazy P Soundsystem and Joey Negro.

Guests can sample Brixton’s six flagship beers including Electric IPA which is itself a nod to Electric Avenue, “the beating heart of Brixton”.

The beers will be available in venues including nightclub Electric Brixton, the Prince of Wales pub and the Ritzy Cinema.

Jez Galaun, co-founder of the Brixton Brewery, said: “We can’t wait to get our glitter on for the Brixton Disco Festival. We’re so excited to be the sponsor of such a big event. The festival brings together so many things that we love about Brixton, the music, the creative energy, local people and businesses having a great idea and working together to make it happen. This area has been so supportive of us as a small family-run business. As our beers become more widely available, we never want to stop celebrating our home”.

Matt Braddock, co-founder of Brixton Disco Festival, commented: “We have for the last four years been huge fans of Brixton Brewery, from our visits to the taproom it’s clear that a lot of heart and soul goes in to everything they do, from the quality of the brew through to the delightful branding. It’s a big honour to have the guys on board!”

The festival has also partnered with Brixton’s Night Market with pop-ups including pizza makers Lords of Dough Town and GoneBurger expected at the event.

In November 2017, it was announced that Heineken UK would be investing in the company to enable it to remain in Brixton and expand its brewing capacity.

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