Ten UK chefs and restaurants that make their own beer

Margot and Wimbledon Brewery

In December last year, Covent Garden-based Italian restaurant Margot announced that it was launching a lager brewed by Wimbledon Brewery.

Founder of Wimbledon Brewery, Mark Gordon, told the drinks business that given that the beer had been used so successfully in other products, the idea of creating an exclusive lager to pair with Italian food seemed like a natural progression.

He added: “We were delighted to develop this beer in collaboration with Paulo and the team at Margot. We produce well-balanced beers, made using the finest ingredients, which pair perfectly with fine food. Margot’s lager beer has been designed to reflect the elegance and sophistication, so evident in all that is offered at this fantastic London restaurant”.

Co-founder of Margot, Paulo de Tarso, told db: “We were keen for this to be an experience – I want people to remember their time with us. When you receive a frosted glass, you remember it.”

“We are thrilled with the response so far. Normally we don’t put beer bottles on the table, but I’ve noticed that after serving our lager in this way, customers keep picking up the bottles and taking pictures of them”.

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