China’s top 10 wine importing countries in 2017

No. 1 France 

Value: US$1.05 billion

Volume: 217.8 million litres

Ranking by value: No. 1

Ranking by volume: No. 1

Despite Australia’s strong charge to the top, France is still holding strong, thanks to China’s favourite Bordeaux reds. In 2017, China’s French wine imports grew by 8.83% to US$1.05 billion, still far ahead Australia.

Admittedly, Bordeaux is the biggest source for French wines in the mainland market, other regions in France such as Languedoc, Rhône Valley are gaining recognition with better value offers.

3 Responses to “China’s top 10 wine importing countries in 2017”

  1. These figures are impressive, but for clarity sake, I would like to have a better understanding. I reckon the figures are in US$.
    Now, if we divide the value $2.800.000.000 by the quantity L 746.000.000 it equates to 3.75US$/L => about $2.81 per 0,75 bottle (do we have any idea of the volume in bulk?) in any event it sounds extremely low. I guess the value is calculated on the basis of the purchase price EXW and does not include CIF + Import duties.
    Could you confirm my calculation is correct?

  2. Flora says:

    BOTTLED WINE,total import volume is 552,150,530 L in 2017, value $2,554, 672,316, avg price $4.63.
    BULK WINE 180,573,280 L, value $158,889,553.avg price $0.88

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