Uncorked: Bruno Colomer Marti

Since 2008, Bruno Colomer Marti has been the chief winemaker at the historic Cava estate Codorníu. Hailing from Barcelona, Bruno’s early days were intimately intertwined with Cava. Raised watching winemakers harvest grapes and making wines, Bruno found his calling early on and has been making wines for more than 20 years. In this interview with dbHK, Bruno details how Cava is so intrinsically linked to his life, his love for nature and a good Palo Cortado wine from Jerez that he would risk his life saving.

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What vintage are you? 


What bottle sparked your love of wine?

Since I was little I have been drinking my neighbours’ Cavas, crafted Cavas of very low production with a taste of the land they were grown in. I was raised watching the winemakers hand harvest the vines and slowly and minutely produce unique tastes. As a winemaker I have always wanted to produce this type of Cava and so I am really proud of the ‘Ars Collecta’ collection, a range of prestige Cavas that Codorníu unveiled last year, which took over 10 years to make.

The exclusive collection is made up of the emblematic Jaume Codorníu; three estate Cavas from certified locations – La Fideuera, El Tros Nou and La Pleta-; and 457, an exquisite coupage from all these three certified terroirs, taking its name from the number of Codorníu harvests from 1551 to 2008.  This last one is my favourite one, the crown jewel.

What would you be as a wine? 

I would love to be a wine from Alsace, with a surprising and huge ageing potential. Explaining interesting things even in old age.

Where are you happiest? 

My favorite place in the world is anywhere surrounded by nature, that’s why I love to be surrounded by vineyards.

What’s your greatest vice? 

A simple but high quality meal.

Best advice you ever got? 

To serve each wine in the context it deserves.

Your cellar’s underwater, which bottle would you dive in and save? 

Without a doubt, I would save a good Palo Cortado wine from Jerez.

What’s the best and worst thing about the wine business? 

The best experience in the wine business is to meet someone who tells you how much he or she has enjoyed a great moment with a cava from the Codorníu winery. Probably, the hardest but not the worst is during harvest, as everyone is nervous and we all work long hours.

What’s on your wine bucket list? 

A wine bottle from Alsace, de pourriture noble, with more than 70 years.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party? 

From among my friends, I would invite those who are knowledgeable about the world of wine.

Personal satisfaction (Parker points – out of 100)?

I would say 97, as I love what I do and I am very happy with all that we have achieved. But there is always more to do.

Which wine would you like to be served at your funeral?

I want my family to keep enjoying life and hope they celebrate as we always do with a bottle of Anna.

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  1. George Potter says:

    A very fine interview although it could and should have been much longer. I know Bruno and respect his talent and ability to create some extremely fine cavas. It is professionals like Bruno who are helping to elevate the reputation that cava truly deserves. I am in fact anticipating a tasting session of Codorniu’s Cavas de Parage next year.

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