Boutique importers in HK unite to highlight diversity

A group of boutique importers in Hong Kong have joined forces to launch the inaugural VINSurrection tasting event, aiming to shine a light on small and artisan producers.

“Basically, our aim is to show that while still not at the level of say Tokyo and Osaka in terms of diversity, Hong Kong’s wine scene continues to develop and there is much more on offer than just the traditional fine wine regions which still tend to dominate the landscape,” says Adam Green when speaking to dbHK, founder of Bottle Shock in Hong Kong.

Scheduled for 11 October, the tasting will unite six wine importers including Cork Culture, a specialist on organic and natural wines from France and Germany, Wine Bros, an importer of South Australian wines; OZ Terroirs, a specialist on wines from Victoria in Australia, and the city’s natural wine importer La Cabane, in addition to Californian and Spanish wine specialist, Bottle Shock, and European wine importer Deco Wines.

The event will feature more than 60 wines, spanning a host of countries, regions, grape varieties and winemaking styles. For more information, please check

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