Non-alcoholic ‘most exciting’ drinks category, new report claims

Shrubs and drinking vinegars

Drinking vinegar is no longer just a cure for hiccups – the development of cold-pressed cider apple vinegars, or shrubs, that are infused with fruit, spices or herbs has been a hot trend in the US for a number of years. With flavours such as turmeric, ginger, grapefruit and apple, shrubs are drunk as an non-alcoholic aperitif, or mixed in cocktails and mocktails to give a tart and tangy flavour that promises a range of health benefits from promoting digestion to boosting a healthy immune system. Bartenders are brewing there own, but there are some brands now available, including Georgia-based company Shrub & Co, Pok Pok Som from Oregon-based restauranteur Andy Ricker and Walthamstow-based Shrb Drinks in the UK.

According to Mustafa of Shrb Drinks, sales have been “excellent” in craft beer pubs and bars, as well as delis and cafes, but restaurants have been slightly slower to adopt the trend. “I feel restaurants are more difficult to penetrate as teetotalism is not something they’re very conscious of as yet, though that’s beginning to change,” he told db.

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