Top 10 Bordeaux export markets in 2016

1. China

Position by volume: 1st
Position by value: 1st
Exports by volume: 553,000hl (+16%)
Exports by value: €322m (+16%)

China imported the equivalent of 74m bottles in 2016, bringing volumes back to and even exceeding their heyday in 2012.

Having hit a nadir in 2014, the CIVB reports that sales have picked up over the last two years, helped by improved structures “in terms of distribution and supply”.

Despite the slump experienced between 2012 and 2014, China has remained the top export destination for Bordeaux by volume since 2011 and by value since 2015.

Its popularity is clear from the fact that Bordeaux represents 70% of all French AOC exports to China and 77% of its value.

Although China is the biggest market by value, much of that is comprised of more entry-level wines.

In total, 32% of Bordeaux wines in China cost less than €3 per litre ex-cellar, 31% €3-€4.5 per litre, 29% €4.5-€9 litres and 7% more than €9/l.

Bordeaux Rouge’ accounts for 65% of exports to China and ‘Bordeaux Supérieur’ another 13%. The biggest named AOC is Médoc and Haut-Médoc which amounts to 7%.

White Bordeaux remains a minimal presence at just 16,000hl imported in total but that was a 29% increase on 2015.

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