Lidl launches Negroni-flavoured crisps

Lidl has launched packs of Negroni-flavoured crisps ahead of Christmas, the latest in number of unusual alcohol-themed products to hit the shelves.

nintchdbpict000280044836The discount retailer’s wacky flavoured crisps, which are selling for 99p a bag, follows the launch of a mulled wine-scented loo roll by Tesco this week.

Other supermarkets to have followed a trend for alcohol-flavoured foods include Marks & Spencer and Tesco, which have both launched Prosecco-flavoured crisps in the past.

Lidl’s Negroni crisps apparently taste like the classic cocktail, infused with flavours of gin, vermouth and the bitter Campari liqueur.

Lukas Schmidlin, senior buying manager at Lidl, said the flavour had been selected by the team after “months of taste-testing and flavour development”.

“Although they are an unusual taste for a crisp, we know from experience that our customers are always interested in trying new, bold flavours,” he said.

“We’re confident the snack – the first of many exciting Christmas products to come – will prove a hit with crisp-lovers around the UK.”

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