Restaurants and bars with an unusual past

Malmaison Hotel and Brasserie, Oxford, UK


Former use: prison

Malmaison may ooze glamour now, but it was once home to hundreds of hardened criminals, who were more likely to have been served a plate of gruel than experience any level of fine dining. This boutique hotel and restaurant is located inside a converted prison, within a medieval castle. Operational as a prison throughout the Victorian period, it was closed in the 90s due to overcrowding and redeveloped into a hotel, with three former cells now making up each one of its 95 rooms. The original iron staircase of the prison remains, giving an eerie nod to its past and the individuals that frequented it. In the summer, you can be seated for dinner in the former exercise yard.

Oxford Castle, 3 New Road, Oxford, OX1 1AY

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