10 ghoulish cocktails for Halloween

Pumpkin Bellini at Sexy Fish

pumpkin-belliniNo Halloween would be complete without hollowed out pumpkins with ghoulish faces, but what to do with all the pulp? The clever cocktail gurus at Sexy Fish in Mayfair have come up with a cunning plan to make the most of the leftovers, and will be serving pumpkin Bellinis over Halloween weekend, replacing the traditional peach with the orange squash and lacing it with smoky mezcal to boot.

Those with a sweet tooth can also tuck into a Poisoned Apple dessert filled with chocolate sponge and green tea ice cream and covered in dark 
chocolate. Served
 on chocolate soil, for the final flourish the pud is doused in rum and lit with a match into a flaming wonder. We’re informed that staff will be donning “chilling 
underwater headpieces” over Halloween. You have been warned.

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