South Africa’s top 10 fastest-growing grape plantings

6. Petit Verdot


2011: 674.55 ha

2015: 764.02 ha

Number of hectares added: 89.47

% change: 13.3%

Petit Verdot, as with many wine producing regions around the world, is used in small proportions in red Bordeaux blends. While it is still used predominantly in blends in South Africa, winemakers are increasingly experimenting with the variety as a single varietal. KWV’s 2011 The Mentor’s Petit Verdot is a case in point, produced as part of its experimental range, The Mentors. This sees grape varieties taken and produced in smaller batches in an experimental winery, much smaller than its commercial operation. Any successes are then considered for reproduction on a larger scale, however The Mentor range is specific to wines produced in its smaller experimental winery.

Fun fact: As one of the six varieties used to produce Bordeaux AOC wines, there is no benchmark varietal Petit Verdot from its classic home to compare it to, making examples from South Africa, and other New World regions such as Argentina, an interesting departure for the variety.

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  1. Isaac says:

    I want to farm grape in Ghana, I want the one that is very sweet without seed.
    Could you please help me with contacts in South Africa where I can get grape plant to develop my seeding for planting.

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