Ten of the world’s best rosés

9. Château Brown Rosé

BR-RO14-coffret-BD-2Producer: Château Brown
Region: Bordeaux
Country: France
Vintage: 2015
Sugar content: bone dry (1 g/l)
Abv: 13%
Grape varieties: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon / 50% Merlot
Closure: cork
Price: £30
Rosé Masters medal: Gold

With four-months spent in one-year-old French oak barriques, this pale peach-coloured rosé from Bordeaux may look delicate, but has toasted nutty characters more commonly associated with full-bodied barrel-aged white wines. This complements the ripe red berry fruit, adding a welcome layer of complexity, while enhancing this wine’s versatility – it would certainly pair well with white meats as well as pre-dinner snacks. Meanwhile, the Cabernet-Merlot base, coupled with Bordeaux’s maritime climate, ensures that this rosé has a bright refreshing finish, so it remains quaffable, which is so important for any pink drink. Indeed, among the small class of barrel-aged rosés, few are better balanced.

5 Responses to “Ten of the world’s best rosés”

  1. tom mccarthy says:

    You might be surprised to know that one of the biggest export markets for South African rosé wine is ……. France. That’s right, France. Where does it all go? Can you buy bottles in your local Intermarche? No you can’t. The reason? It’s inside of those bottles labelled as ‘French’ rosé wine. Santé! mes amies.

  2. Chester Grucza says:

    Pretty sure, that Minuit Rose is owned by Chateau d’Astros, not d’Escarelle? Very surprised not to find any Bandol wines, I must say.

    • Minuit Rose isn’t owned by Château d’Astros nor Château de l’Escarelle – it’s a privately held brand and its supplier varies between these 2 vineyards (as they have a very similar taste & specs) according to markets.

  3. Bob plantenberg says:

    More like best french rose, but 1 good Italian did get in. Missed Montes cherub rose and a bunch of good usa rose.

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