Giant corkscrew on sale at Christie’s for £25k

9th August, 2016 by Lauren Eads

A self-pouring wine machine and corkscrew made from 300 pieces of scrap metal is to go on sale at Christie’s for £25,000.

The enormous mechanical corkscrew and self-pouring wine machine was built by Rob Higgs in 2006 from scrap metal and items including drills, spanners, cannon balls and clock springs.

Weighing half a ton, the contraption’s sole purpose is to uncork and pour a bottle of wine at the turn of a handle. When moving, the mechanical corkscrew will lift and tilt a full-sized wine bottle to pour its contents into a glass, without spilling.

At the time of its creation, the machine was paraded on The One Show and the then Stephen Fry’s Gadget Man, with its creator describing the giant bottle opener as “completely excessive”.

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