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Pink for Summer: Reviewing five rosé wines perfect for the sun

France is the number one global producer of rosé, especially the Loire Valley, while Provence and the Languedoc are particularly renowned areas too.

Roses_for_Summer2016Additionally, throughout the wine producing world, there are some outstanding rosés which are fantastic with food (superb with BBQs and spicy dishes!) or for drinking on their own. Dry expressions tend to be crisp, refreshing and full of fresh fruit flavours – great when the weather’s hot!

So, if you’re offered a choice of red, white or rosé wines, hands up all those who’d choose the pink option and how many of you would at least consider it? These were my opening questions at a recent tasting I hosted. Why?

Over the years, rosé has often been seen in the UK as a less serious wine style, associated with lower quality examples, popular in the 1970s and 1980s. This stigma pervaded until a rise in popularity about 4-5 years ago saw sales increase of dry rosés. Despite facing competition today, especially from light, refreshing sparkling drinks like Prosecco and fruit-flavoured ciders and wines, rosé remains an important, if underrated, category and I wanted to know my guests’ views at the start. The responses varied between those who said they generally didn’t like rosés because they simply preferred red or white wines to those who still associated rosés with low quality. Some did drink rosés, but only in warm weather!

So with summer, well rainy, well typically British skies above us, how about some rosés to keep us cool and happy? Thanks to Hatch Mansfield and R&R Teamwork, I was sent five wines to review, which I presented at the tasting…

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