Trimbach: grand cru system now unavoidable

23rd May, 2016 by Darren Smith

The grand cru classification system is an unavoidable element in the marketing of Alsace wines, Jean Trimbach, owner of Domaine Trimbach, says.

Domaine Trimbach has been making wine in Alsace since 1626. It released its first grand cru wine in 2015. Photo: (Domaine Trimbach)

Although as much as 30% of Domaine Trimbach’s vineyard area is in grand cru sites (grand cru represents 4% of Alsace vineyards as a whole), Trimbach has historically been critical of the grand cru system and chosen to market its wines based on its name alone.

Its top Riesling cuvées, Cuvée Frédéric Emile and Clos St Hune, are made from grapes grown exclusively on grand cru sites.

The principal criticism of the system has been that its delimitation is too large and therefore does not accurately reflect….

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One Response to “Trimbach: grand cru system now unavoidable”

  1. Tom Stevenson says:

    But there is only one Premier Grand Cru: Clos Ste Hune!

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