Top 10 Scotch whisky markets by value


101487622015: £152m

2014: £166m

Change: -8%

Spain is the second biggest export market for Scotch in the EU, consuming just under 60 million bottles, making it the fourth biggest market in the world in volume terms. However 2015 saw its value drop by 8% to £152m.

The SWA report had this to say about the wider picture within EU member states: “The EU is the major single region for Scotch whisky exports. Although there are several European hubs where product is re-exported to markets outside of the EU, the significant and range of markets within the EU remains marked.

“Within the EU, performance in recent years has largely reflected performance of the underlying economies, with southern European economies affected by the Euro crisis showing more challenging market trends, with Germany, Netherlands and northern Europe doing better.”

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