CAMRA’s ‘revitalisation’ under way

The Campaign for Real Ale is analysing thousands of survey responses as it enters the second phase of the organisation’s fundamental look at its purpose and future.

Camra was initial set up to campaign for better quality beer, but it has since become a voice for the pub industry and beer drinkers as a whole (Photo: Camra)

Over 24,000 survey responses were received by CAMRA from its members, allowing the organisation to enter the second stage of its Revitalisation Project by analysing the data from members and other interested groups. The Revitalisation Project steering committee now says it has a large and complex job to start to analyse the huge mass of information and expressions of opinion.

In April of this year, Camra annouced the beginning of the consultation process with its 177,000 members to decide the future direction of the organisation, admitting that it “could be coming to an end”.

External views are also being canvassed at a series of meetings with experts in the pub, brewing and political sectors, to find out what they think is good and bad about the organisation. These meetings will run in parallel with consultation events involving the Campaign’s members this summer across the country.

Revitalisation Project chairman and one of the founders of CAMRA, Michael Hardman said: “It’s important to emphasise that while we are now analysing the results from the initial survey, this is only the start of the process and consultation is continuing. It would be wrong to base our proposals simply on one part of the consultation process. The results from the survey and the mass of opinion expressed at the consultation meetings to date confirm how broad a church CAMRA is.”

Hardman added: “We need to make sure the proposals we put forward for CAMRA’s future take into account the sizeable minority opinions already expressed by members to ensure we’re best positioned in future.

A final decision on the direction of the organisation will be voted on by the membership during CAMRA’s Annual General Meeting in 2017.

Over a thousand non-members have also completed a survey to give their views and as many again have downloaded the Project’s consultation document.

More than 40 meetings are due to take place across the country this summer. Interested parties can visit to find out details of the ones closest to them.


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