MeatLiquor and St John create brain burger

Popular burger chain MeatLiquor has teamed up with nose-to-tail specialists St John to create a brain burger to raise money for Parkinson’s research.

Tetes de veaux

Fronting the collaboration is St John owner Fergus Henderson, known for his daring dishes like deep fried tripe, kid liver and pig’s trotters, who suffers from Parkinson’s.

The bespoke burger is made from a slice of calve’s brain fried in panko breadcrumbs served in a potato and onion roll from St John Bakery with sauce gribiche, homemade mayo and shredded cabbage.

The limited edition burger will be on sale throughout June, with just 15 brain burgers available at MeatLiquor Marylebone, Islington and Hoxton every day.

Those keen to try the offal offering will need to book a £30 ticket in advance, which also includes fried and a chef’s apron designed by Henderson.

All of the profits from the burger sales will go directly to Parkinson’s research. Brain burger tickets can be brought here.

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