Italian wine sales grow by 5% in 2015

Strengthened exports, growing demand for sparkling wines and a buoyant domestic market have been thanked for a 4.8% sales boost for Italian wine.

Red wine in an Italian restaurant (Photo: Wiki)

Red wine in an Italian restaurant (Photo: Wiki)

Exports of Italian still wine grew by 6.5%, and sparkling wine, or spumanti, grew 10% on 2014, according to a survey of the country’s largest producers.

Resilience in the domestic market saw Italian’s buying 3.1% more of their own wines in 2015.

The North American market for Italian wine showed impressive growth of 13.3%, with the world’s largest wine market now accounting for 34% of exports from Italy, the world’s largest wine producer.

However, exports to Asia reduced significantly in 2015, down 10%. The region now accounts for just 3.9% of non-domestic sales, the research from Mediobanca found.

The net worth of the 87 Italian wine-makers which are limited companies amounted to some €2.4 billion, the Italian investment bank found.

Based on the stock market multiples of the companies which are listed on international markets, their market value may be estimated at around €3.3 billion.

Cantine Riunite-GIV confirmed its position as the leading Italian group in 2015, with turnover of €547 million – up 2.7% year-on-year.

Co-operative group Caviro from Emilia Romagne remained in second position with sales of €300m, despite a 4.4% loss, while Antinori’s growth story continued, with revenues up 8.7% taking it into third position (with €202m).

Zonin blistering growth of 14.3% has allowed it to become the fourth largest wine group in Italy with sales of €183m (up 14.3% on 2014).

The Mediobanca research published ahead of the Vinitaly wine fair focuses on 136 wine-makers with sales of over €25m, including fourteen of the largest listed international companies with turnover in excess of €150 million.

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