Top 10 food and beer pairings

6. A Quadrupel Ale and chocolate cake with salt caramel ice cream

Quadrupel Ale and chocolate cake with salt caramel ice creamRaising awareness of beer as a fantastic alternative to wine is much easier with influencers on your side. I’ve been extremely lucky to have worked with top chefs like Tom Kerridge, Paul Ainsworth and Nathan Outlaw, who also really believe in beer and food.

This moreish dessert was developed by Tom Kerridge for his two Michelin-star pub The Hand and Flowers, and it is a great match with Sharp’s Quadrupel Ale, which is doffing the cap to the rich Belgian style.

The taste of the beer is a complex fusion of a strong, dark ale and a barley wine. This style of beer thinks it’s a Port or a Pedro Ximénez, so works brilliantly with Chocolate desserts or a good cheese board.

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  1. PP says:

    Great article.. it is time people stop looking automatically to wine and start considering beer options when having a nice meal. It is great to get some tips and guidance to help lead people to the vast and versatile world of nice beer and food.

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