Top 10 cool climate wine regions

3. Tasmania

tasmania-picGST: 14.4

Plantings: 1,800 ha

Main grapes: 44% Pinot Noir; 23% Chardonnay; 12% Sauvignon Blanc

“Tasmania offers a range of cool climate winegrowing areas”, said Dr. Andrew Pirie, owner of Apogee and “founding father” of the modern Tasmania wine industry. “Cool climate suits varieties like Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay”, which in Tasmania are used to make still and sparkling wines.

“Currently 14-16°C is my cool climate definition range which approximates to the best regions for Pinot Noir especially”, said Pirie. “The warmer Tassie regions are typically 15.3-15.6°C (Tamar, Coal River) with 15.2 -15.4°C being the sweet spot for pinot noir table wine (Central Otago, East Coast Tas., Burgundy). Pipers River/Pipers Brook [the area where Apogee is located] is 14.5-15.2°C depending on altitude which equates to Reims (14.3°C) Damery (14.5°C) and Dizy (15.2°C) so this is fizz country.”

Pirie believes that demand for Tasmanian wine is likely to increase, highlighting that the country has 1% of Australia’s land area, but 13% of its rainfall.

“This, plus the cooling proximity of the Southern Ocean will make it one of the cool, well-watered climate regions of choice as they become rarer on the planet.”

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