Top 9 alcoholic sweet treats

The line between hard liquor and sweet candy may be a hard one to tread, but that hasn’t stopped an array of alcohol-infused sweet treats from hitting the shelves.


Last week Nestlé Japan launched a sake-infused Kit Kat, which carries an ABV of 0.8%. Flavoured with sake powder, Nestlé hopes the alcoholic white chocolate wafers will prove popular with tourists, building upon the success of its green tea variant. While last year wine app Vivino launched a “Halloween survival guide for adults” advising user of the best wines to pair with their favourite candy. Recommendations include pairing a dessert wine, such as Port or Sherry, with a Toostie Roll, and a Snickers or Reeses with a “bold red”, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon, Monastrell or Aglianico.

Such innovations might appear to be a frivolous off-shoot to the more serious business of wine and food pairings. However many are capitalising on demand, lacing any sugar-filled treat with a dose of alcohol. Earlier this year upmarket purveyors of alcoholic sweets Smith and Sinclair hosted its first pop-up in Carnaby Street, while Ben & Jerrys tapped into the craft beer bonanza by launching a salted caramel brown-ie ale ice cream.

Here we round up a few of our favourite alcohol and sweet treat partnerships – sweet toothed readers beware…

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