Nestlé launches sake-infused Kit Kat

Nestlé Japan has launched its latest marketing gimmick aimed at tourists – a sake-infused Kit Kat with an ABV of 0.8%.


Flavoured with sake powder, Nestlé hopes the alcoholic white chocolate wafers will prove popular with tourists.

Japan is known for its inventive selection of flavoured Kit Kats, which in the past have ranged from wasabi and soybean to purple sweet potato and red bean sandwich. However its green tea Kit Kat has proved the most popular among tourists, with sales up 20% in 2015. Nestlé is hoping to replicate this success with its sake favour variation, giving tourists an exclusively Japanese flavour variation.

“Currently, Kit Kat Maccha (Japanese green tea) is very popular among foregin tourists as a souvenir” said Takuyu Hiramatsu of Nestée Japan. “We expect sake Kit Kat to accelerate our inbound business growth.”

The sake Kit Kat is available in Japan only and comes in three-pack boxes and as a special edition nine-piece set packaged in a bottle-shaped box.

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