Bordeaux 2013: Pinot-like evolution

At its best the 2013 Bordeaux vintage is becoming increasingly Pinot Noir-like as it ages, argues critic Jean-Marc Quarin.

bordeaux-surveyWriting on his site, Quarin was not fulsome in his praise of the notoriously difficult vintage, noting that some wines remained “imprecise” on the nose, others “heavy” or lacking mouth feel.

At their best however, he noted they could be “light, yet savoury” with a profile that reminded him of Burgundy, with “rather precise aromas of fruit, wood and good grip, never powerful, but balanced”.

The absence of tannins in such young wines but a “strong sapidity” was “very pleasing” he said but nonetheless these characters highlighted once again that these are not wines that are going to age much.

“It would be better to drink these wines before these properties fade,” Quarin advised.

“I think it would be better to drink a 2013 earlier and decant it to find its optimum characteristics rather than leave it in your cellar and hope for the best,” he added.

His allusion to Burgundy is not the first time this comparison has been made with regards 2013 Bordeaux.

This time last year, Angélus’ (now former) owner, Hubert de Boüard, told the drinks business he considered his 2013 wine to be “my Côtes de Nuits”.

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