Five grapes to watch in the Douro

3. Donzelinho Tinto

Tinta Francisca

Donzelinho Tinto is one of the Douro’s oldest recorded grapes and found nowadays within ancient vineyards often planted mixed with other varieties.

Almost as rare as Tinta Francisca, just 87 hectares of Donzelinho Tinto were recorded in Portugal in 2010, according to Wine Grapes.

Although the grape plays a very minor role today in Port and wine blends, it is favoured for its suitability to the Douro’s extreme climate.

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  1. Jason Brandt Lewis says:

    It shall, of course, be interesting to see what comes from this over the next few years and decades. In California, as I’m sure the Symingtons know, Paul Masson used Sousão to produce their famous “Port”(-styled wine), and it was quite tasty.

  2. Great article in order to educate the wine enthusiast all over the world about the Portuguese grapes and what makes our wines so special.
    Watch out for theis year’s harvest!

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