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Rhum JM Armagnac, Calvados & Cognac finish

5New to Harvey Nicks is this tasty trio of rums aged in three different types of cask, which were once home to Armagnac, Calvados and Cognac. Made by Martinique-based Rhum JM, known for its aged expressions and traditional style, the range is the fruit of three different collaborations with French spirits houses. The Calvados Finish is aged for eight years in Bourbon barrels before a few months in ex-Calvados casks from Maison Lecompte. The Cognac Finish meanwhile is aged for the same time in Bourbon casks before spending a few months in ex-Cognac barrels from Delamain.

Finally, the Armagnac Finish undergoes the same ageing process before ending its life in ex-Armagnac casks from Château de Tariquet. According to spirits buyer Ivan Dixon, the rums are ideal for enthusiasts and collectors seeking “a dry, complex and traditional style”. “These are spirits to be sniffed, sipped and savoured,” he says.

RRP: £80 each

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