Argentina: women in wine

Gabriela Celeste

5While female winemakers are growing in number, female wine consultants are still a very rare breed. After meeting the French consultant winemaker Michel Rolland while working in Trapiche in 1996, Celeste began her international education in wine and is now the right hand of Rolland as his partner at their consultancy firm, EnoRolland. Though she works under the Rolland brand as a consultant, Celeste has made a name for herself in her own right.

Consulting for over 15 wineries across Argentina, her well-respected reputation is synonymous with her tireless energy and she is even working on the launch of her own wine label – Escarlata. “To work in the wine industry, considered the activity of men, is a challenge,” admits Celeste. While she sees the advantages of men not viewing her as competition and being polite enough to let her speak, there are particular disadvantages as a female wine consultant. “You are more exposed to criticism, which demands a certain emotional intelligence,” she remarks. “When it comes to the moment where you have to take decisions, it is difficult to explain and make a masculine world understand.

Interpersonal relationships are important and taking assertive decisions can be confused with the authoritarianism of a woman.”

It takes a strong woman to convince an industry that she wears the trousers. But Celeste does it with grace.

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