Top tips for in flight drinking

Pre-flight fuel

The-Perfectionists-Café-2-photo-credit-Andy-Catterall-640x426You’ve checked in your bags, the boarding cards are safely stowed away and your work emails are firmly switched off; it’s time to start your holiday. While airports can be hectic places, many play host to a variety of bars and restaurants that provide a suitable send off to the jet set.

Heston Blumenthal’s The Perfectionists’ Cafe at terminal 2 in Heathrow is just one of the many restaurants offering up top-notch food and drink. As well as an intriguing nitrogen ice cream parlour, it also boasts a healthy selection of wines, beers, spirits and innovative cocktails, including the Bramble, which is served with a glass full of Merlot-scented vapour.

Forget below-par pastries and an overpriced bottle of coke, scope out the dining options on offer at your outbound airport to ensure you holiday gets off to a good start. Check out our top 10 airport restaurants and bars for some inspiration.


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