Top 5 biggest brandy and Cognac brands

1. Dreher


Dreher, complete with Brazilian labelling

Cases sold in 2014: 3.4 million

Cases sold in 2014: 3.3 million

Percentage change: 3%

Owner: Gruppo Campari

Finally, the biggest-selling brandy brand with global distribution in our list is one that, funnily enough, is rarely sought, bought or consumed beyond its key market, Brazil. Highlighting the point I made in my introduction, the importance in the brandy/Cognac category of inspiring a deep-seated attachment to a brand in a particular market is all-important – especially given the association of tradition and prestige attached to the spirit. It has meant that since 2010, sales of Dreher have remained at a steady and at a comparatively high level compared to its competitors, hovering between 3.3m and 3.5m cases. Dreher originates in 1910 in the Southern region of Bento Gonçalves, an area most associated with wine production in Brazil. Acquired in 1973 by Heublein and later on in 1998 by UDV Brazil, Dreher became part of Gruppo Campari’s portfolio in 2001, and has since taken firm control of the Brazilian brandy market.

3 Responses to “Top 5 biggest brandy and Cognac brands”

  1. Exo says:

    I thought Emperador is the biggest seller of brandy in the world. It is not even listed here.

  2. Balk says:

    Listing the biggest cognac brands and not mantioning Hennessy is just awkward

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