Bibendum PLB stengthens play for UK

Mark Riley, sales director Bibendum Wine Ltd (On-trade)

Mark Riley“We are already seeing consolidation taking place in various national companies within the UK On Trade. The On Trade is a very diverse and complex channel and so there will always be room for niche specialists, but on-going consolidation will allow for bigger companies to share resources and offer the best service possible. For Bibendum, being part of the Bibendum PLB Group means that we have access to the best wines available, the best delivery solutions, top talent and a fantastic buying team for all areas of the drinks world.

“Bibendum recently started to offer a composite supply service, following demand from customers, who were asking to work with just one supplier for all their on-site drinks requirements, from wine to packaged drinks. This is representative of the direction in which the drinks industry is going as a whole – in a tough and competitive market consolidation is very much what the industry is demanding, the result being heightened expertise and the capability of offering customers a fuller and more efficient service.”

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