Top 10 wines in the UK press

Cornelia Swartland White 2014, South Africa

HT_FD_F23A_00010023_NC_X_EC_0With spring moving steadily closer Susy Atkins, writing in The Telegraph, recommended a selection of young South African whites.

She said: “I don’t recommend buying these newbies when they first appear. They can taste too sharp, quivering with too much tongue-tingling acidity, in September. But now, with a few months’ bottle age, that gangly-teen edginess has matured and softened a little and the wines are a little less tart. Most are uncomplicated, unoaked Chardonnays, apple-y Chenin Blancs and slightly grassy Sauvignon Blancs. Simple, admittedly, but good apéritifs, and very decent partners for white fish, mild cheeses and healthy vegetable stir-fries.”

Of this 2015 Cornelia she said: “From the highly fashionable Swartland region, an interesting blend of Chenin, Grenache Blanc, Verdelho and Viognier, unoaked and juicy with a rich texture and note of yellow pears.”

Price: Marks & Spencer, £10

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