Top failed drinks brands: part two

Mariah Carey’s Angel Champagne

angel-champagne-by-stefano-zagni-brut-champagne-france-10452667As we admitted in our last collection, there are few things better for the drinks industry than a passionate celebrity endorsement for a brand.

However, whether or not Mariah Carey’s support for Angel Champagne counts as a beneficial partnership is for you, dear reader, to decide.

Launching in 2010, at the time The Guardian critic Stuart Heritage wrote about how Mariah, announcing the launch of her new brainchild, “updated her Twitter feed – usually home to such breathtaking insights as, “Test your knowledge of MC’s lyrics by singing along to her songs, get the Mariah Carey-oke LyrIQ iPhone App” – with the stark cry: “ANGEL CHAMPAGNE (ROSE) by MC coming soon!”

And that, from what we can tell, was the extent of her involvement with Angel.

The brand was backed by Italian businessman Stefano Zagni, who in an interview with The Independent after the brand launched its first 24 bottles for £250,000, outlined his longstanding passion for the intricacies and art of winemaking.

He said, “I was exporting construction products to America and I used to be in top-end clubs and restaurants. I saw people buying champagne and I thought I wanted to produce the world’s most fantastic champagne.”

Such true, unadulterated passion for winemaking, and an eye for elegant bottle design? We’re amazed this brand isn’t a category leader.

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