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Tin Cup American whisky

Tin-CupWith the Bourbon boom showing no sign of slowing in the UK, a new American whiskey has landed on the market. Tin Cup boasts a high rye content, giving it a spicy edge. Rather than a golf film starring Kevin Costner, the name plays on gold rush miners in the town of Tin Cup in Colorado, who drank whiskey from… you guessed it.

The whisky is made by mashing and fermenting corn, rye and malt for 80 hours. The liquid is then distilled twice and aged in charred oak barrels. Its maker, Jess Graber, says the whisky offers aromas of “citrus, black pepper and ginger snap”, with “spice, cinnamon and caramel” on the palate.

The bottle’s hexagonal shape allegedly stops it from rolling down mountains.

RRP: £30

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