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Hildegard IIIP, Benchmark Brewing Company, San Diego, US


This “citra bomb” triple IPA from Benchmark Brewing Company is part of Beer to the Rescue – a year-long campaign to raise funds for the Lupus Foundation of Southern California.

Brandon Hernández, of the San Diego Reader, said: “Coming in at a whopping 13.5% ABV, it’s a departure for Benchmark Brewing Company, which has made a name for itself behind lower-alcohol beers, leading some to believe them incapable of upping the booziness. This brawny brew deliciously dispels that myth.

“Packed with Citra hops to the point where owners Matt and Rachael Akin refer to it as a “Citra bomb,” it gives off big orange and lemon aromas, and a bright juiciness on the tongue. As one would expect from a brew this big, alcohol warmth is present, but the beer remains crisp with well over 100 IBUs (referring to the international bittering unit scale used to measure beers’ bitterness) from a wealth of Warrior hops added in the boil kettle helping to more sharply hone its finish.”

Triple IPA, 13.5%

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