Top 10 beers in the world press

Deep Roots, Three Weavers Brewing, Inglewood, California, US 


Verve also recommended cracking into an English ale during the big game, a style designed for extended drinking sessions and which “showcase a balance between rich English malt flavors, a more fruity yeast character, and earthy English hops”.

Of this example, he said: “Deep Roots from Inglewood’s Three Weavers Brewing demonstrates the three-way balancing act between hops, malt, and yeast with aplomb, and even the ale-averse can find something to enjoy in the brew. Solidarity from Eagle Rock Brewery is a “black mild” that contrasts a complex malt flavor and midnight-black color with an impossibly light body. It’s proof in a glass that dark beers don’t have to be heavy, bitter, or scary, and at under 4% alcohol it’s one of the best made-in-L.A. session beers (and a 5-gallon keg will only set you back about $80).”

English bitter, 4%

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