Top 10 beers in the world press

Wellington Imperial Russian Stout, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Stout-canpintLindsay MacNevin, writing in Snowshoe Magazine, is thankful for this winter-warming pour.

She writes, “The first sip was like a delicious chocolate caramel that had been roasted in coffee beans. Each subsequent sip was loaded with more flavour than the one before. Coming in at 8% abv, I expected this beer to be on the boozy side, but I was surprised that is was easy to drink and soon I was asking for another.

“This imperial stout hides hints of cinnamon and liquorice throughout its flavours and is unlike a typical creamy stout that leaves you feeling full quickly. The Imperial Russian Stout is true to its nature and offers a modest amount of hop bitterness and flavour – yet this particular one from Wellington does an excellent job of letting the true flavours shine through.” 

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