Top 10 Chilean winemakers to watch

5. Pablo Morandé Desbordes


The Morandés have never been an orthodox winemaking family in Chile. Pablo Morandé Snr made the first cool climate wines in the Americas when he pioneered the Casablanca region, and now his son Pablo Morandé Jnr is creating a stir with his unorthodox winemaking methods and blends in their small family winery, Bodegas RE.

“The concept of RE is of recreating, remaking and reviving ancient practices of winemaking, and our goal is to make this renaissance of wines and try to use current knowledge with the ancient ways,” Morandé says. The project began in 2007 when their first wine Velado, a Pinot Noir rosé, accidentally developed flor after an earthquake partially emptied the barrels. They liked the result so much that is now RE’s emblematic wine.

The hark back to age-old practices is best demonstrated by their specially commissioned 13,000 litre clay fermentation tanks with no temperature controls and designed for a maximum of one daily pump-over. The winery also makes many unorthodox co-fermentations for their Chardonnoir (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir), Pinotel (Pinot Noir and Moscatel) and Syranoir (Syrah and Pinot Noir). While this complicates their harvest schedule, Morandé is set on challenging and changing the industry. “I think our consumers are a little tired of the same style of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, and we need to show different things. We need to show a new face and create new and exciting ways of making wine.”

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