Top 10 Chilean winemakers to watch

7. Cristian Carrasco Beghelli


This young Chilean winemaker is rising through the ranks in Miguel Torres’ Chilean winery. He was first hired for a research post and is now master of blends for the winery’s top wines after just six years. What makes Beghelli stand out though is his work on Chile’s oldest and long-forgotten variety, País. When Miguel Torres received a government grant to look into what can be done with the 15,000 hectares of the variety in Chile, he recruited Beghelli to get out and collect samples from different vineyards in Maule, make a sellable wine from it and rescue the variety from oblivion.

“País has a risk of disappearing and if you see these vineyards there is nothing like it in the world,” says Beghelli, talking about the vines that are often over 100 years old. “I don’t know how the industry can ignore it; they don’t see any desire to work with it. In 2006 it was one of the most planted varieties with 15,000 hectares, but in 2012 there were 5,000.”

Through the work of Beghelli with the rest of the winemaking team at Torres, the tide for País might have turned. The resulting wines from the 6 year project have put País in a new spotlight with two different Torres wines reaching the supermarket shelves: Estelado, a sparkling País rosé; and Reserva de Pueblo, a Beaujolais-style light red. País has seen a renaissance in the independent vintner movement in recent years, but it is largely due to Beghelli’s work and Torres that the variety is back in the mainstream.

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