Winebird’s top 10 Vinalogies

7: Viognier – The sun goddess

viognier final

Viognier is the grape that offers us a piece of tropical paradise in a bottle. You’re on a sun-drenched beach in the Caribbean and look up to see a bronzed, golden haired sun goddess with an apricot cocktail in hand. Skin glistening with coconut oil, she places a garland of white flowers around your neck. You inhale the delicate, musky scent as you take the glass. A burst of fresh apricot and peach explodes on your palate. The effect is seductive and delicious.

Introducing Viognier: a peachy little number that’s enough to lift our spirits on the coldest of days with its full-bodied fruitiness and satisfying oily texture. The delightful weightiness also reminds us of white chocolate-covered apricots and musky pine kernels, all served on a bed of acacia blossom. Even a sun goddess can suffer from sunstroke though. With too much heat, Viognier can become flabby, in the right conditions, however, she’s tropical, floral and delicious.

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