Top 10 most expensive empty bottles

1. Rémy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl – US$8,000 (£4,693)


And finally, the pièce de résistance. Made from baccarat crystal, this rare Cognac bottle is safely displayed in its original cushion-lined container. The temptation to shine it every day would be unbearable to any well-respected bottle enthusiast – the likes of which this bottle certainly deserves. Just make sure you don’t have one lying around the house currently doubling up as a detergent bottle.

90 Responses to “Top 10 most expensive empty bottles”

  1. I’d dare argue that some of these bottles gets refilled and sold again – fakers have, sadly, also entered this market long ago

  2. I will keep an eye out for these treasures!

  3. I have a gallon bottle of Courvoisier (empty of course!) but it is shaped totally differently – like an old gallon jug, but without the handle. I tried to find out when it was made, or any other etcetera about it, but was unable to do so. Any thoughts – anyone? Incidentally, I payed $125 for it when it was full about ten years ago. It was completely dust covered at that time.

  4. pierre Nortje says:

    I have a green wine botle still seald with wine ,it is long and shaped like a woman and was botled in italia it is pricipe wine is it worth any thing

  5. Mario says:

    I wonder if you can help me I have an empty 9 litre champagne Pierre jouet was la Belle Époque cuvée , with a luxurious illuminated case , what sort of value would these item have?

  6. Jackie says:

    Hi if you are interested in selling it, I would pay you £50 for it, it would be a brilliant present for my daughter who collects coins.

  7. Dorji says:

    I have bottle that continually give bubbles like when we open beer and when i kept with cool water filled n marked the water level n kept in the sun after two to three hrs i found water level in the bottle rise by three to four mm and when i kept same in dark place i found water level dropped by same level from were i fell up …any comment to this

  8. ron says:

    I have a cross legged Indian bottle blue from early 1800s, any idea what its worth.

  9. Kim says:

    I would like to know how much does Porifidio with green cactus inside empty bottle 750 ml worth? I know they are collectors items but i havent found much information about the value.

  10. Gary says:

    Any feedback appreciated. I have a few very unique bottles of wine, unopened, and.I’d like to take pics and see if anyone is interested in buying. Is there a platform of some sort that would be best. One bottle is a bottle of Moet White Star Moet & Chandon from France. Thanks,


  11. Wade .w says:

    I have a 1979 brut champagne gossip bottle 15 L gold plated with gold top Lid. Lable reads on it 1886 to 1986 Centennial of the Statue of Liberty. apparently these are hard to find and worth something??

  12. collins machanga says:

    this champagne bottles a more worth and hard to cruck and its someone treasure

  13. Steve says:

    I have an empty, but refoiled, balthazar size btl from Bollinger Special Cuvee. Is there an intetest for these bottles?

  14. pam says:

    I have coke and pepsi vintage bottles

  15. jay says:

    i have 20 plus empty ciroc bottles if anyone want’s them they arw 70 cl and 1 L bottles. email me

  16. LARRY J REESE says:

    I have a 3 liter bottle that is shaped to look like an old rifle that is 3 foot approximately eight and a half inches long from the Toscano product of Italy red table 1987 I’m wondering a value. It is in excellent condition complete with the original cork labels are in perfect condition also. Bottom label is imported from Italy by Stuart Hill Incorporated from Edison New Jersey.

  17. Terri says:

    How much would a bottle of L’Or de Jean Martell (empty) fetch? Any takers?

    • David H says:


      I know this post is very old – but I just had a very good friend who collects say how very much he wants/ has looked for this bottle, specifically. When I went looking & saw your post, I knew I had to inquire(!)
      Do you still have it, by chance? Would be super interested to know the price, if you did & we’re still interested in selling.

      Thanks very much!
      – My Best

  18. Lisa Cuellar says:

    I have more than 80 empty patron silver bottles all sizes one collectors limited edition bottle…..

  19. Mary Schoenhofer says:

    I have a 1947 brolio Green Glass bottle. Bottled in Florence Italy red Chianti wine. Cork is still intact unfortunately the wine has evaporated out there is just residue sitting in the bottom. Any idea what this is worth ? It has a round bottom and is only about 6 inches tall labels are all in good condition.

  20. Helen Ann Drew says:

    Hi I have an empty bottle and box of Armand de Brignac .
    Gold Ace Of Spades Bottle 750ml
    Black Box
    I am wondering what I could sell it for.

  21. Donna says:

    I have empty dark green “Extra Sec” champagne/wine/liquor bottle Pierre Ruenart (Ruinart) Reims, Paris the Ruenart has 2 dots above letter e. It appears 120 yrs old according the label still intact with handwriting on label 1897 to be drank with Will Jensen & L B Wilson 1907

  22. Dynella Turner says:

    I have a box and bottle in mint condition its called armand de brignac it also has the book. Cold nottle limited edition brut750ml what do you think this is worth

  23. Kim says:

    I have a 1970 very tall bottle of Chianti with the wine still in it and a hanging straw cork to put on it after it would be opened. the wine has long since expired, but wondering if this is a collectible bottle, it is really cool.

  24. Carol Mathews says:

    I have an old Cetti chianti 1930 bottle never opened ( never stored properly so wine is bad I assume.) It’s in traditional wicker bottom.

    It says Cetti, product of Italy,verdiana cetti, Firenze. Italy.

    What could it be worth

  25. Sam Azzi says:

    What would an empty bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII, Grande Champagne Cognac be worth. Still in it’s original case.

  26. Sepp says:

    I have an empty 15l armand de Brignac bottle at home,
    If you are interested contact me 🙂

  27. Camri says:

    I have a bottle from Las Vegas New Years if the gold aces of spades how much could I sell it for it’s the big bottle

  28. Ann Boniface says:

    I have a large dark green wine bottle eched with gold writing ” RELAIS AND CHATEAUX. HÕTELLERIE DU BAS-BRÈAU ” it has a label on it for Pouilly Fume 375 ml . I have had it for almost 21 years . Has it any worth ??

  29. Ron says:

    I have a green liquor bottle in the shape of a man who reflects a holy man with a long beard holding some sort of stick ! I acquired it in Maine USA in 1972 while visiting from Canada ! On the back of the bottle in print it reads ” federal law forbids the sale or reuse of this bottle ” ! Not sure why that would be so ! I wonder at times what this bottle would be worth ! Would you like to see a pic , if so please send me your business address ! Ron

  30. Bob Gilbey says:

    Can anyone tell me what to do with a collection ( 50plus) of alcopop bottles?
    Politely please.
    Are they worth anything?

  31. Kay says:

    I have a 6L of Ace of Spades (empty) bottle with the case that I’m looking to sell. I’m not even sure what the price point should be.

  32. Daniel Mcdonald says:

    I have a 6.5 ounce bottle of Pommery Champagne that I can only guess is from the 20’s or 30’s.
    It’s full. Of any value?

  33. Debra says:

    2007 empty bottle of Cristal Champagne with
    cork and box, make an offer

  34. Jason says:

    1888 – 1988 Bundaberg Rum Centenary Empty bottle with top on and in box.
    Make an offer , thanks

  35. Billt says:

    I have a Macallan Private Eye 35th Anniversary Limited Edition .Empty Bottle.
    Can anyone place a value on this?

  36. Challa raj says:

    We r having empty bottles whisky and wine collection all over the world if anybody interested u can take with Less price only as we r moving to states. Contact raj hyderabad. Phone. 08367405841.

    • Linda Biddle says:

      When are you moving to the US? And do you know when and where the bottle show is going to be? Will an appraisal be available?

  37. Marcus Hunt says:

    I have a half bottle of Krug champagne from a visit to the Krug house in 1987. I had the bottle signed by Henri and Remi Krug, any idea’s of the value….

  38. Katrina says:

    Hello I would like to ask what is the value on a 1942 unopened 1800 ml bottle of Sake?

  39. Robert says:


    I have an empty Moet champagne bottle from the first flight of the British Concorde and originally labelled as such.
    I would be interested in its value and am willing to sell.
    I’m in the UK.

    Many thanks,

  40. Nick says:

    I have a sealed Chianti Cetti with a wicker type butt stock. It’s roughly 15” tall. Wondering if anyone could give me any information about it and its value?

  41. Domkish says:

    I have seal Augier grande champagne cognac extra rare.It come in nice wood box. I can’t find anything about this bottle. Could you please help me with the information and price please.

  42. Kay says:

    Hi guys,

    I just got a gift of an unopened Moët Nebuchadnezzar in its wooden box that I would love to sell.. Interested buyers should contact me on Twitter via my handle @BRANDENDORSERng

  43. William Levesque says:

    I have an empty bottle of Perrier jouet & co epernay France extra brut 1pint 8.4fl.oz any idea what it’s worth

  44. angela says:

    Hi I have a Remy Martin Louis Xll empty decanter in excellent condition. How much is it worth?? Was given to me as a tip when I was a bartender.

  45. Alex says:

    I have a 15 L Veuve with the original box. Shoot me an email with and offer. Sell out of Los Angeles.

  46. Melanie says:

    Hi, I have an EXTREMELY RARE Dummy/Display bottle of Louis XIII de Remy Martin Black Pearl Limited Edition Magnum (1.75L) in pristine condition. For the right price, I would be willing to part with it. Any advice on selling it (where, price etc) is very welcome. If you have any interest, please email me on I can send pictures!

  47. [ i have a Viviano chianti bottle tlhat is 4 ft tall and
    never opened. 3 liters , bottled by Dante. The glass is green and hand blown to look like a soldier. Would like to know the value. Thank you!

  48. susan says:

    Hey Angela,

    Did you find out how much it is worth and are you interested in selling it? I’d love to add it to my decanter collection. Let me know. susanhosking @

  49. Monika says:

    I have 4,5 litre , 3litre and 12 litre Armand De Brignac empty bottle.
    Where can I sell them?
    Many thanks

  50. John Doe says:

    I can get my hands on a 4.5L 1962 Johnnie walker red Label. I love that scotch but wondering how do you know if it is still sealed. Did those bottles comes with a seal and a stamp and the gold stand?

  51. Courtney Durham says:

    I have the 15L veuve available.

  52. Gertie kotze says:

    I have full bottle of whiskey 4.5 liter 1979 Johhny walker on stand aswell as white horse and Bells
    What would they be worth

  53. Alex Winter says:

    Mine is still full, not for long a think unless someone will buy them.
    2000 Louis Roederer Cristal Brut in OWC

  54. Joni Wendt says:

    I have several glass display bottles that are very large.One is Peter Dawson and I also have a Hill and Hill. They are all empty. Just wondering what they are worth…
    Thank you!

  55. Patience Ewedzeagbagba says:

    Please l have variety of wine, whisky, beer bottle to sell please kingly contact 0558520987 thanks in three different Sack’s.

  56. Angela says:

    My dad has a Veuve Clicquot 15 liter Champagne bottle 30 inches I have a picture if any one is Interested send me an email and I will send pictures . I have looked it up and they say empty the aprasiel is 900.00 in the U.S. if anyone e is interested let me know.

    • Jo Harry says:

      Hi Angela,
      I also have a few Veuve larger Dummy display bottles…have you had a reply to your request? I am situated in Australia and am looking to part with my collection… maybe you have the name of a collectors assoc?
      kind regards jo

  57. Chuck Ruffin says:

    Aren’t empty bottles of Pappy van Winkle bourbon going for around $400 these days?

  58. RS says:

    I have vintage Patron Anejo bottles with GLASS stoppers, have looked everywhere on the internet and have never found them, they always have cork stoppers. The bottles have a sticker on them that are numbered – hand written.

  59. Mustafa Ali says:

    Hello. I have 30 empty Fernet-Branca bottles (label says imported by a California firm) in pristine condition complete with screw caps. Contact me if interested. SW New Jersey.

  60. Chelsea Johnson says:

    I have a bottle of Luis xiii display bottle that unfortunately I must part with. If any one is interested please contact me.
    He currently resides in his case in perfect condition just awaiting a new bar to grace.

  61. Shauna Gabelt says:

    I have the ARMAND DE BRIGNAC GOLD ACE OF SPADES BOTTLE. It puzzles me how it is empty but was never opened??? There are no holes or leaks either to my knowledge? I just thought it was cool never even realized it’s value.

  62. scott taylor says:

    I have a lifetime of empty super premium bottles, mostly red burgundy – about 15 bottles, no two the same i think, from DRC, Rousseau, Leroy, Caithard, Clos de Tart – only one or two with corks. plus about 40 other bottles, white burg – comte lafon, bouchard etc.

    email me if interested

  63. grant walsh says:

    i have a bottle of verve Clicquot Ponsardin Bicentenary 1772-1972 champagne reims France its a yellow label unopend… would love to know if this is worth anything as i did find one a few years ago for sale in france for 600uro but carnt find nothing else about this bottle is a 750ml was impoted but IXL wine and sprits pty ltd… has THE WIDOW CLICQUOT on the back lable any info would be great cheers

  64. SmkEss says:

    I have that same large patron bottle with glass ball cork, but mine still has the natural cork bottom left on the bottom of glass ball stopper. I wonder how much mine is worth!?

  65. Leslie E holtum says:

    I have a 1999 red Merlot with the picture of rocket Richard unopened still perfect condition looking to sell what would you pay

  66. 1999 red Merlot rocket Richard I have a bottl3 still sealed in perfect condition how much would it be worth

  67. Ramona says:

    I have 10 empty bottles of perriour joet from 1972 to1982
    Plus 2 gift sets still in box with champagne glasses

  68. Janice Sipes says:

    My mother had a large collection of old bottles. Among them was a crystal Remi Martin decanter made by Baccarat. Around its neck is a beautifully engraved plackard, made of silver, engraved on the back with B. Blumenthal &Co., Inc. There is about an inch of brandy remaining in the bottle. All the fins are perfect. I’m not certain on value, but it’s in perfect condition.

  69. David Pontee says:

    I have a collection of 99% all full & sealed bottles which counts at about 2000 bottles….about half are Whisky….remaining bottles are from other spirits, i.e. Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Port, Sherry & other various liquors.
    If anyone is interested, send me an email with what you need…and we can come to an agreement.

  70. Loretta Jollymore says:

    I have a liquor bottle in the shape of a ladies boot. My mom believes it came from Saint Pierre Miquelon. Its believed to be well over 100 years old. Do you have any information about this?

  71. Steve says:

    I have 2 bottles of rare australian brandy .produced in Australia by the makers Thomas Hardy and sons.south Australia

  72. Mrs. Vuchko says:

    😀 Got this exact J.Walker empty bottle @home.. Is a treasured memory.of my 1st employment. 😀

  73. Gabriel says:

    Tell me where to sell the ace of spades 15L i have two with the box and everything.

  74. James coleman says:

    Where in dallas tx or anywhere can i sell my empty crystal or baccarat bottles?

  75. Dee ticheli says:

    I have the Johnny walker red label bottle , but it is full and the seal has not been broken. Is it worth more full?

  76. Sandra Zarzaur says:

    I have an empty bottle of Elixir Corbier by J Corbier, Saumur France Its from the 2nd half of the 19th century.
    This is the older bottle with red label not the reintroduction bottle produced for America much later. Am wondering if it might be worth anything, any information is appreciated.

    Thank you!

  77. Quinten Bleyen says:

    Somebody still looking for this piece of art? I’ve got it right here! ->

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