10 of the world’s most expensive beers

10. Tutankhamun Ale, Scottish Newcastle Brewery, UK – £31.83 ($52), 500ml


This ancient brew came about following the discovery of a 3,250 year-old recipe found in Queen Nefertiti’s Royal Brewery in Egypt. The discovery was made by Cambridge archaeologist Dr. Barry Kemp in 1990 and led to just 1,000 bottles being made according to its recipe.

Ten brewing chambers were found buried beneath the Egyptian sand, each containing traces of ancient beer residue. An electron microscope was used to complete the ancient recipe paper  with researchers then teaming up with Scottish brewer Jim Merrington, who made just 1,000 bottles of the Queen’s brew. The first sold for £4,616 ($7,686), but eventually fell to around £31 ($52). Merrington’s brewery later closed down.

6 Responses to “10 of the world’s most expensive beers”

  1. scroll says:

    Would be good except not scrolling 10 pages. Single page Lauren

    • Dave (R.A.T.S.) says:

      Must agree with that … it’s a right pain in the @rse clicking on each page … ONE page please guys ???

  2. George says:

    Had 4 of them so far – but didn’t buy any of them – all but one Brew Dog compliments of a tour they did wearing Pengiun constumes. List is not accurate however as it includes vintage beers and there are several much more expensive, find a bottle of Allsops Arctic and you will probably find the most expensive, Bass Radcliff and Kings Ale are also readily findable and both wellover $100 each

  3. kris says:

    I couldn’t finish the article, made it to Space Beer and gave up… Its a real pain in the ass to have to click next after reading a paragraph of text and wait for the whole page to load again….. With such short commentary and a simple picture, you really should have put it all on one page. Seriously, what the hell! I would have loved to complete reading the article- I bet most of your readers did the same.

  4. Luke Lodge says:

    Just tried a Cornish Smuggler, amazing beer but it set me back $450 for a 550ml bottle. well worth it though 🙂

  5. Jp says:

    Of course they have to put them on 10 pages. That way they can say to their clients they have 10x more site viewings than they really do.

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