Top 10 sommeliers in Hong Kong

8: Simone Sammuri (30) — 121 BC

Simone SammuriSammuri’s hospitality resume is relatively short – he started in the business when he was already at the ripe old age of 25. Starting out in London, where he had moved to improve his English skills, he had a stroke of good fortune when his friend recommended him for a position at a new French bar with focus on natural, organic and biodynamic wines, leading to a sudden interest in – and passion for – wines.

Prior to moving to Hong Kong Sammuri found himself on the other side of the planet from his native Italy, working in two of the Sydney restaurants owned by his current employer.

121 BC has a focus on natural wines, and Sammuri says that his list is “extremely interesting not just because it features exclusively Italian natural wines,” but also that it features only small producers who “have a maximum respect for the environment, limiting the use of chemicals in the vineyard and having a minimal impact in the cellar; so the people will have the opportunity to join us for a bottle that comes from genuine people, in which you can definitively recognize the grape variety and the terroir.”

He arrived in Hong Kong as this new venture was opening, invited by his employers in Australia to jump aboard and help start up their Hong Kong operations.

“Work in a new brand place is always quite intense, especially in the first period when everything is not set yet, but extremely exciting because you feel part of a big project that grows every day and you are part of it!

“At 30 years old I consider that I still have a lot to give to this industry yet. My passion about wines is growing day after day and I still have so many things to learn about this world…and that’s basically where the excitement comes from.”

6 Responses to “Top 10 sommeliers in Hong Kong”

  1. stefano says:

    The all management team of Domani Restaurant is proud of you John!
    Congratulation, VERY WELL DONE!

  2. Josh Rubenstein says:

    A great selection, all deserving of this recognition. Congratulations!

  3. Joey Yue says:

    One of my favorite wine sommelier and restaurant in town, congratulation John!

  4. Congratulation Dheeraj Bhatia! Hard work always pays off!

  5. David says:

    Don’t forget about Jason Patty and Paul- three Certified Sommeliers working under Nicolas Deneux at the Grand Hyatt Steakhouse! All three of them are years younger than Nicolas!

  6. Derek says:

    The perfect pair: Yvonne and Elliot!

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