Top 10 Chardonnays over £20

1. Treasury Wine Estates: Devil’s Lair Margaret River Chardonnay 2011; Heemskerk Coal River Chardonnay 2011; Matua Single Vineyard Marlborough Chardonnay 2012; Matua Single Vineyard Marlborough Chardonnay 2011

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Hats off to Treasury Wine Estates for this clear signal that Penfolds is not the only gem in its portfolio.

Leading this collection of stellar Chardonnays is Devil’s Lair from the southern end of Margaret River, one of just a handful of wines to be awarded the highest accolade of Master.

However, Treasury Wine Estates has been busy stepping up its vineyard holdings in the rapidly up-and-coming state of Tasmania, which is now producing a high proportion of fruit for its Penfolds Yattarna Chardonnay.

Named after the flagship vessel of Abel Tasman, the first European to reach Tasmania back in 1642, Heemskerk sourced its 2011 Chardonnay fruit from Tolpuddle vineyard in Coal River Valley near Hobart.

Meanwhile this Australian group is busy proving that New Zealand white wines have far more to offer than the perennially popular Sauvignon Blanc.

While Matua sources fruit for its various wines from all over the country, this pair of Chardonnays is produced from a single vineyard site in Marlborough. Achieving gold medals in two consecutive vintages demonstrates a consistency which makes this producer one to follow.

What’s more, 2012 saw Treasury step up its investment here in order to back up Matua’s quality with an enlarged winery, bottling and warehouse, which will help the brand to achieve the international profile it clearly deserves.




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