Top 10 brands ruling social media

10 – Coors Light

A Coors Light Facebook posting

A Coors Light Facebook posting

Twitter: 13k followers, 2k tweets –

Facebook: 300k likes, 21k talking about –

The Canadian brewers were in a close call with Möet & Chandon for this spot in our top 10 and just sneaked ahead because of their levels of engagement. Möet US has slightly more followers on Twitter, but has made far fewer tweets and the two brands have a very similar number of Facebook likes, but more people are talking about Coors Light.

The Coors Facebook page publishes photos from users and uses fun photos to gain a high number of likes and shares on the social media site.

In the L2 research into the digital competency of US beer brands, Coors was given a “gifted” status after L2 rated its website, digital marketing, social media and mobile.

The final clincher for Coors over Möet was the respective YouTube pages. The Champagne house has 620 subscribers and 196k views on its channel, but Coors has 1,600 subscribers and 1.7m views.

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  1. Ness says:

    Nice to see Eastern European born brands so high here 🙂

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