February’s top 10 new products

Epic Vodka

epic-vodkaNew Orleans-based spirits company Sazerac has launched a new vodka onto the market – Epic. Made with hand-selected wheat harvested in Champagne and distilled in the Cognac region, Epic is a positioned as a clean tasting vodka with a competitive price point.

The vodka will be available in an unflavoured style, along with six different flavoured variants: peach, whipped cream, kiwi and strawberry, cherry, cake, and coconut.

Additional flavours are due to be added to the range in the near future.

Epic begins its run in 30 US states this month, and will be available across the country later in the year.

The brand is available in one litre, 750ml and 50ml sizes. RRP: US$12.99 for the 750ml.

CONTACT: Sazerac +1 866 729 3

2 Responses to “February’s top 10 new products”

  1. Struan says:

    This is a mighty fine drop, but not a 750GBP mighty drop, perhaps amend the RRP with a well placed decimal.

  2. Tom says:

    hahahahaa this is funny.
    Malacca is the Greek slang word for wanker!

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