China: Top 10 improvements


china-quarantine-boozeWhile the local market has grown enough to be able to thrive, often the greater barrier of entry to importing wine is the “quarantine” process through which up to three bottles of wine can be taken for “inspection”. While this is done under the guise of safety, it serves to corner the market of importation to a limited number of products and players. The policy not only puts a dampener on the above-board fine and rare wine trade, but also serves as an impediment for boutique producers to bring in a small number of bottles.
By streamlining and simplifying this aspect of the customs process, the market would be open to more products and producers and the diversity and quality of products available on the market would increase with this lower barrier of entry.

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  1. H says:

    Fine article about habits and traditions. How often do you see people drinking wine in China? is it really possible that consumption has reached 1L per capita? Or the statistics refer only to imports of wine, which no one knows whether it was sold? is wine consumption going to rise as much as press says?

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