China: Top 10 improvements


chinese sommeliersIn Chinese the word most commonly used to talk about wine is hongjiu. Literally translated, it means red wine. If you want to talk about white wine you need to specifically say bai putaojiu or white grape wine. But colloquially if you want to ask someone if they’d like a glass of wine you say, “would you like a glass of red wine?” That is no language mistake though, as in China, wine is red.

Yet white wine can be a much easier wine to understand and enjoy at the outset think of the White Zinfandel craze in America). Further, it is easier to pair white wine with Chinese food.

White wine is held back because it is perceived as being inferior; sommeliers and waiting staff would be doing everyone a favour by introducing their clients to the beauty, diversity and quality that can be found in a great bottle of white.

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  1. H says:

    Fine article about habits and traditions. How often do you see people drinking wine in China? is it really possible that consumption has reached 1L per capita? Or the statistics refer only to imports of wine, which no one knows whether it was sold? is wine consumption going to rise as much as press says?

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